Lucas Vallenet

Creative front‑end developer

Born in 1993
Living in Barcelona.

I am passionated by animation and transition driven websites.
I currently work as a creative front-end developer at Herokid Studio.

You'll find some works I've done and I'm proud of below.

Pacific & Co

Pacific&Co is a socks manufacturer from Barcelona.

I actively participated on defining the concept and then I was in charge of developing the website using the lastest technologies (MP4, Video frames, GSAP, SVG animation, ...).

This website was awarded Site of the day by Awwwards.

Watch the making-of

Pacific & Co cover

Signes du quotidien

Signes du quotidien is a graphic design studio based in Liège, Belgium.

I was in charge of the web development, althought we've really worked together both designers and developers during the whole process in order to create a unique user experience.

This website received a Developer Award and appeared in étapes and Page magazines.

Signes du quotidien cover Animation GIF

Lana papier

Lana papier is a high-quality paper mill.

I was in charge of the whole development process, from front-end to back-end.

The website lazy loads images and uses SVG drawings and greensock plugins for transitions and animations.

Lana papier cover Animation GIF

Bois & Co

Bois & Co is a carpentry company created by a friend.

I undertook this project on my own, from design to development and server configuration.

Bois & Co cover Animation GIF

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